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Welcome to the Roulette Key Videos Page

All my Videos are on YouTube

Feel free to post comments and even do your own videos. If you do your own let me know and I'll pay you substantial commission!

There are loads of videos on YouTube a few are included below. Feel free to comment on the YouTube videos. I am getting better at recording them. Or even post your own!

Many are at live casinos a few at RNG just to demonstrate how quicky you can use Roulette Key Gold effectively.

Below is a video showing the first 85 spins from 185 using Roulette Key Gold to play "The Infallible System"
This video starts playing where the previous one finished i.e the last 100 numbers

Think your system can do better? here are the numbers comma delimited:


If for any reason the video above doesn't show please view it on Youtube.

Please feel free to send me any video of Roulette Key in action.