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Welcome to the Roulette Key Systems Page

Sorry to dissapoint you but I'm not going to recommend any systems for RNG casinos.
Of course some work, most will work some of the time. But I can't believe the results of a spin in an RNG casino are not influenced by the bets you have on!
But, having said that you do seem to get longer adverse runs in RNG casinos, I've heard of a run of 28 blacks in an rng casino, this would have cleared out any Martingdale system but would have won a user of the Infallible system thousands!

However, in live casinos the systems recommended on the home page have stood the test of time. I'm not going to go into details of Martingdale, Paroli, Labouchere, Martingdale etc. They all have their place and the counters and alerts included in Roulette Key Gold will certainly help you play them.

Systems included in Roulette Key Gold

The systems I've programmed into Roulette Key Gold are all from the book "The Winning Rules or Roulette Practically Considered" By Sperienza (1905, Harrison & Sons, London). If you haven't got a copy I'll sell you one as an ebook for 5.00 which I'll refund on subscription to Roulette Key Gold.
I won't give too much information here but hopefully enough to get you acquainted with the principles.

IV-The Prudential

This bet covers 24 of the 36 numbers. It sometimes makes a quick profit it switches off when you reach 10 units or it doesn't lose your money too quickly. It suggests a bet of two on high and one on numbers 7-12. If the next number is between 7 & 12 you win 3 units if its over 18 you win 1. If you lose you lose 3. Rec bank 100 stop after 100 spins or a profit of 10 units.It is better to play when the 'en prison' rule applies.

The Classic Prudential system, useful if you must have a bet.

V- The Infallible System (Also see the Quasi Infallible system below)

When the six bottons are on the infallible system is in play. In this instance the numbers 7 ,8, 20, 20 ,32, 5, 34 if the next number is low we would win about 40 units in 8 spins!

The Quasi Infallible System

Very similar to the above but there is only one button to click and one total to watch. The scenario below is quite typical after commencing the system the numbers 11,14,23,15,8,11,14,13 and we are 9 units ahead after just 8 spins. The next spin could cause it all to go awry and lose 32 on the low bet, what would you do?
Of course it would be sensible to stop but its not always that easy, is it?

VII - A Safe System for Beginners

By betting 1 unit each on odd, red and the first dozen without going into great detail you will win break even or lose a little. It may seem boring if playing for 1 stakes but if you increase your stake you will win more. Stop when you have won 5 units or 10 if feeling lucky.

Too slow ? Increase your stake ! Stop when ahead

VIII - The Rational System

When a Roulette wheel is spun 37 times in theory every number 0-36 could come up once.
Of course it never does in fact in any 37 spins usually at least 12 numbers (sometimes more sometime less) don't appear at all. It therefore follows that of the 24 numbers that do appear up to half of them will appear twice some 3 times.

The Rational system seeks a number to be repeated. When clicking on its button it suggests following the bank with level stakes on that number and all its even and 2-1 chances for 36 spins or a profit of 20 units whichever comes first. So say number 1 is the last number out you would bet: 1 on Red
1 on Odd
1 on low
1 on Dozen 1
1 on bottom row
and 1 on number 1
The stakes don't change and you continue for 37 spins. When you lose it may be 1 or 2 units but could be up to 80 but when you win you win at least 20 units and sometimes around 40. you will win about half the time.
So how do we know when to start the rational system?
We don't you may choose to use it when a street of 3 has slept a long time or a dozen or an even chance.
You may decide to use after a number which has slept for 74 or 111 times becomes active again in the hope it will catch up with its long term average. My gut feeling tells me to follow the latter but you could do just as well starting to use it immediately.

In the example above number 17 was the last number hit. I then clicked the Rational button, immediately chips are shown on Black, Odd, Low, "nd Dozem, Middle Row and on 17 itself. These will all dissapear after 37 spins or a profit of at least 20 units. Or the rational button is clicked off.

IX - A System by the Author

Similar to the Rational System above but only bets level stakes on the relevant 3 for 40 spins. Maximum capital required 40 units about half that of the Rational System.

The last number hit was 17 bet on the appropriate 3 for 40 spins or reaching the target then stop whatever.

X The Ex-Croupiers System

Bets on 30 numbers. This leaves 7 numbers exposed should these be hit a progression ensues for two spins only. If these unlucky numbers are hit 3 times in succession a loss is made or if you're not playing the system you are advised to play it as it's very unlikely these numbers will be hit 5 times in a row! One of my favourite systems for a few quick wins!

XI- The Capitalists System

One of the most ingenious systems ever published. Number 3 is the only number not covered.
It's main risk at a bricks & mortar casino is somebody may pinch your stake. Of course this doesn't apply online but then again neither does the 'en prison rule' which would increase winnings when zero is hit.

Every number, with the exception of 3, including Zero is covered!
(The stakes are deliberately blurred)


Systems of playing sixes and dozens hence covering half the table. Fully explained in the book.


Quasi Infallible System see above

XVI - The Skip Transversale or Paterson System

Similar to IX but with a twist

XVII - neighbouring numbers system

based on 12 numbers an alert is shown when its time to bet on them. These numbers are not next to each other on the table but they are on the wheel. A more logical approach many believe!

The Sleeper System

This shouldn't really be here as I don't suggest a maximum bank which can be a lot and really relies on the users common sense in knowing when to stop.
However, many users including myself use it frequently, it often wins in a couple of spins but if it doesn't watch out! Instead of suggesting a stake (which the program can on demand) the program alerts you as to which numbers have missed. Then its up to you which method you use to win.
The theory is :
Each single number should on average win once in each 37 spins. If a number has failed to win for 74 spins it is therefore not unlikely it will appear in the next 74. The odds remain 35-1 but would you offer them ? Of course not quite the opposite you'd take them ! One method of dealing with the sleeper as outlined in the book "How to win at Roulette"( Norman Squire, 1968, Pelham Books Ltd, p99) is to increase the stake after 30,46,57 64 spins etc. Personally I wouldn't bet on one sleeper but wait for at least two, and then I prefer to stick to level stakes. In fact one of my existing customers (for whom I've worked privately) waits for a sleep of around 180 spins (on RNG casinos).
In Roulette key I've set an alert for 74 spins but you can alter this at will.

The Finals System

Finals are numbers ending in 0-6 so 0,10,20,30 is a final as is 5,15,25,35 and so on.
Finals are usually hit within 28 spins but beware, the record is 96* and over 70 is not that uncommon.
I have included in Roulette Key Gold a counter for the last final so when they've all gone except one the count starts and you will be alerted when the count reaches the alert you set.

Although an old method this is new to me, time will tell how effective it is.

*Roulette for The Millions. P.O'Neil-Dunne, 1971, Henry Regnery Co,p.180