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Welcome to the Roulette Key Scams Page

I'm not going to name individual systems (unless they attack me). Instead I will tell you my thoughts and findings, if you have purchased such a system in the past, only to be dissapointed you may well recognise their decriptions here.

The images I have used throughout this site are all genuine and I have only blurred sections of them to protect identities of the people concerned.

A good advert can sell a bad product but a bad advert won't sell anything

Emails and Links to Commission Paying Casinos
I don't trust any system which says you must play at this casino take the email below, it looks harmless enough , I often use the casino in question myself but if use the the system being pushed in question you will soon exceed the table limits (of course it may have been sent in all innocence and the sender is genuinely interested in helping me, rather than receiving commission but what do you think?):

An example of an affiliate link in an email:
This is bad because it's promoting a casino where the system in question doesn't work see below for reason.

A Word about Table Limits
Be very wary about table limits they often differ in the play for fun mode and the real mode. The two images below are from the same casino playing the same game (Roulette Pro). You may do really well in fun mode but when you play for real you may well find you soon exceed the table limits.

All video demonstrations of Roulette Key have a maximum stake on dozens of £50.00!

Some systems are not sold as programs but as pdf documents or even emails.
Be wary of such systems I tested one recently I had great hopes for it but it didn't usually suggest a bet until over 50 spins and then the system lost more than it won. It then struck me it was designed for Black/Red bets only if it was designed for one even chance then surely it would work on High/Low & Odd/Even if it worked I could get three times as many bets, after weeks of programming I found it didn't work.

Another quite expensive system asks you to make a choice like count the number of repeats on so many spins then bet 1 unit on all of those that have repeated or not repeated but don't bet on more than 12, after a time increase your take to 12 units. Such a system might work a few times and reult in fantastic testimonials but ask yourself this 'who publishes testimonials from the losing players?'
Yet another system suggests using 'magic' Fibonacci numbers and relating them o the number of skips between each number. What a load of tosh !
I believe any system used must be logical without any guesswork, if it is logical it can be programmed. (But just because it can be programmed doesn't mean it will work, see examplelower down). Look at it this way if somebody puts a lot of work into a slick Internet marketing operation then surely they could put less work into a computer program an even if they can't their are people who can, myself included.

A good advert can sell a bad product but a bad advert won't sell anything,
just bear this in mind when you read anything. I may not know all the marketing tricks but I do let you try Roulette Key without any restrictions and I like to think that you know exactly what you are buying from me.
Software Systems
First off - automated robots - I ignore any software that places your bets with an application programming interface (API) admittedly I know such programs exist for sports betting on Betfair but I doubt any exist for roulette.
I know Roulette Key isn't the only calculator and it's definitely not the cheapest. The trouble with others is that they often rely on blindly following a mathemetical progression ignoring your bank and table limits. They can be full of links to casinos where they purport to be effective. In fact these casinos pay them comission, if users of such systems lose money the sellers of them still earn commission.

A very common beginners error is to wait for red to miss say 5 times then back red doubling your stake if you lose. A run of 15 against you is not uncommon when this happens you lose 2047 ! You end up staking 1024 (if you haven't already breached the house limit as shown above) to win 1 ! and if your last bet loses you lose over £2000 all on a 50/50 chance ! How stupid is that?
Spin Number Stake If Loss If Win
1 0 0 0
2 0 0 0
3 0 0 0
4 0 0 0
5 1 1 1
6 2 3 1
7 4 7 1
8 8 15 1
9 16 31 1
10 32 63 1
11 64 127 1
12 128 255 1
13 256 511 1
14 512 1,023 1
15 1024 2,047 1

As it happens the highest adverse run on even chances from my videos page is 9 but his is only over 3 games an I've frequently seen adverses run of 15 online and even at a live casino!

Be Wary of this Typical Dozens System
Wait until a dozen or row has been missed 7 times, on the eigth spin follow the sequence 1,2,3,4,6,9 etc. The reason to avoid this is that any particular dozen or row can often miss around 20 times. To win £1 you may end up staking £452.00! Even then adverse runs of over 20 are not of unheard of! Roulette key displays the highest adverse run to date. The table on the right illustrates a safer progression. To keep the required capital at minimum there are a number of 'insurance' bets (3,6 & 7). It also bears in mind the staking limits of the table and your capital! Even then I don't recommend it stick to three bets or so.

Bargain Offers Some systems are sold on some sites, but if you navigate away from the payment page you will instantly be offered a substantial discount this process may reoccur several times. Initial you may be asked for £57.00 then £17.00 and possibly even less.
Rest assured if you purchase roulette key from me and find the same level on sale at a lower price at a later date I will refund the difference.
I will never give very misleading discounts as illustrated below:

Some sellers even offer their software free ! Is this because they are philanthropic or is it because they earn money from casinos ? What do you think ?

I will never print a false testonial. It's claimed some people make them up! I couldn't possibly comment !

With programs such as photoshop its comparitively easy to doctor a bank statement. I've seen it claimed that on close examination of supposed statements the colours of the favourable numbers differ from real ones tus indicating some are 'doctored' this might be the case, I don't know and again I couldn't possibly comment!

Free Trials

As already mentioned don't always trust free trials that use specific casinos for reason already explained such systems may very well work in fun mode , but will they work when playing for real money ? You may think so but I couldn't possibly comment!

Free Systems
Yes they do exist ! No guarantees of course but many rely on using flawed progressions. Here's one but don't blame me if you lose.

Using the above system you will win if you number comes up in the first 78 spins. (Providing you have a bank of 452 units). Howeve, if you had chosen nmbers 7,11 or 36 and played the game as in my second video. The smallest lost would have been £516.00 on number 11 and your bank would have to be over £1300!!

Admittedly some people will win using the above, at first and it could be tweaked using a program such a Roulette Key.

I've just received another email as I'm writing this page here's a copy:

It looks good doesn't it ? It suggests you can deposit your money, get a bonus and start winning. Think again ! Here are the actual term of the bonus (actual size):

Such terms are fairly typical did you notice
  • Bets placed on all games other than video slots will be deemed a violation of the first deposit terms and conditions, your bonus and winnings will be voided.
  • You will not be permitted to withdraw your winnings if you choose to play a game which is not a slot machine using your deposit/deposit bonus/winnings/comps/ in any case.
  • Please note that in the interest of fair gaming, you must wager a minimum of 20 (Twenty) times the sum of your deposit plus your bonus before withdrawing any amount higher than your initial deposit.
In English I understand this to say Roulette is excluded and if you deposit £50.00 and get a £50.00 bonus you have to wager £2000.00 on slot machines before you can withdraw anything.

Ah well, perhaps the email was sent in error and the sender really was being kind. What do you think?