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Welcome to Roulette Key

As a matter of principle I will not link to casinos offering me commission.

However, I appreciate you may wish to play for low stakes initially and can suggest you look at http://www.skyvegas.com/.
To play for 1 cent stakes try www.1centroulette.com I have tested them and can confirm that they do pay out.

Or you may wish to test the theories offered with real casino numbers in which case I suggest www.smartlivegaming.com who give history of the lasdt 185 numbers. Both these casinos feature in my YouTube videos

I refuse to say play at this or that casino. But do let me know who you find reliable and I'll pass the information on as I have above.
Other systems you may have purchased may provide such links but I don't tust them. Apologies if I'm wrong. Some examples of such links are shown below, with the names blurred to protect the innocent (?).

As for bonuses, they may be useful if you play for fun but try getting your money out of a casino that offers huge bonuses, it's virtually impossible !

An example of an affiliate link in a competing program:

An example of an affiliate link in an email:
This is bad because it's promoting a casino where the system in question doesn't work see scams page for reason.