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Below is the full screen of Roulette Key Gold when playing its practical to reduce the window to something like A1 to P6.
Then as numbers come up in your casino you click on them in Roulette Key Gold and wait for alerts or bets.
The latest additions are the new alert buttons at G9 & H9. Setting these and turning on the hints button at K9 you will be alerted when certain opportunities arise. For example when any of the neighbouring dozens XVII /b/c have missed the neighbouring dozen alert (at G9).
The finals count starts when there is only 1 final remaining. Finals are the numbers ending in 0-6 as there are four of each of these numbers. I've set the default alert to 5 (though this needs more research). When the count hits 5 you will get the alert "Only 1 final Remaining" when you getv this look at the yellow numbers at I10-12 and identify the only number with a 1 next to it. For example if it reads 4-1, you would consider betting on 4, 14, 24 & 34.
If you happen to miss the last alert the new button at O7 will show it again.

Setting Alerts

Before commencing play ensure the alerts/settings are set as you prefer them. There are alerts/settings for

  1. A Target for even chances for The Infallible & Quasi Infallible Systems
  2. An alert for single numbers this will become active when any numbers have missed the setting.
  3. An alert for Evens - For any even chance High/.Low, Odd/Even, Red/Black
  4. An alert for any dozen or row, the figure beneath is for two dozens. This setting will also activate an alert for System XVII the neighbours of zero, and also XVIIb/c the adjacent dozens.
  5. An alert for threes.
When alerts show they are to inform you you may wish to start a progression you may play it safe and just place on or two bets or you may use the information to help you decide which tactic to use.

Follow/Oppose Bank

When all six buttons are green it is known as the 'infallible system'. But remember its only infallible with concentration and a large bank. Devised for groups of players. A safer or easier method is to play the Quasi Infallible button XV
Playing 1 button at a time limits your loss to 1 on any bet no matter how high the stakes get. An alternative to playing all six buttons at once is to use the Quasi-Infallible system (XV) at L14 this suggests all six bets and only uses one overall total so its easier to see when you're winning!

  • J7/8. The buttons bet suggest bets for following the bank on the last outcome. So if the last outcome was red the next bet is on red at double the stake. When the target is reached See D7/8 the stake is reduced to 2 and the profit taken. The target must be 16,32,64,128,256 etc.
    The current balance is shown at K7/8.
  • L7/8 These buttons oppose the bank So if the last outcome was red the next bet is on black at double the stake. If that wins the next bet is on red and so on.
  • J9 - The approximate total of all the follow & oppose bank bets. This updates with current stakes if any are switched off.

    The System Buttons

    The number on each button refers to the chapter number in the book The Winning Rules. Hovering your mouse over any button will give you an estimate of the worst possible outcome over 37 spins.
    Some systems may be suggested automatically others you choose at will all perhaps with the exception of The Capitalists System are designed to keep bank requirements to a minimum. Some will switch off automatically after a required number of spins i.e 37 spins or a win of 20 for the Rational system (VIII) , 40 spins or a win of 10 for the authours system and so on.
    The numbers in the white and yellow boxes automatically place themselves in the playing area (where they may be dragged if required) when a button is clicked on.
    Don't just turn all the buttons on at once learn each one and only turn on more than one when you understand each system thoroughly.