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Welcome to the Roulette Key Challenge

I used to offer a £20 reward for a better method of playing than using Roulette Key but in three years nobody has accepted my challenge. So I've upped my reward to £50.00 !! Below are statements by competing programs and systems. Now I'm not saying they are inaccurate, or scams. For all I know they may all be accurate and perhaps I'm missing something, but despite all their claims I believe Roulette Key beats them all and if I'm right and just one of their statements represents the experiences of their customers then what does that say about Roulette Key?

And Roulette Key is not even a system yes it includes systems but it is primarily a counter designed to give you the edge.

*If you can prove any other system is better than Roulette Key* (Including any of those whose statements I've shown below) I will pay you double your purchase price ! or if you haven't even purchased a copy yet I will pay you £50.00!!

Nothing Beats Roulette Key

*The test will be over two sessions at a live casino (http://livecasino.smartlivegaming.com) for 185 spins. At a future time to be mutually agreed. The second test will be at a future date to be mutually agreed. As this casino displays a record of the last 185 spins you can use this data without even playing!
Just to protect myself I will only pay out once per system even if it's not yours!
If it is your own system and not a program, a condition of entry is that you allow me to program it for you.
Naturally you can't say Roulette Key plus another bet, but I will welcome any suggestions for improvements.