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Roulette Key Opportunities Page

I realise I can't do everything and I don't purport to. I can manage some algebra, html, php and basic programming but I know there are people out there who are really slick at marketing and graphics etc.

If you are involved in Direct Mail or Internet Marketing and will not use any misleading tricks, such as those outlined on my Scams page, please get in touch.

If you can supply me with better graphics or videos then show me what you can do.

I will supply commission paying links to websites I consider relevant (but I am fussy).

If you are a nice person who likes a flutter or a mathemetical genius or a whiz with spreadsheets or can write better code or fancy a pint and live in the Exeter area please get in touch.

I know some competitors will knock me but all I can say is that "I'm only telling it like it is".

Ideally I need a dragon. Must I go it alone, or is their Dragon looking for me?

A lot of people try to sell me their services in advertising, SEO etc but so far nobody will charge by results. Last time I suggested it I was asked "You don't give a free trial do you?" I said actually I do, that shut him up! Anyway, I know advertising is expensive and often ineffective prove me wrong and I'll pay 40% commission !