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New for 2019

Prime Numbers, Tiers, Ophelins,Voisins etc
Please Check YouTube for details

New for 2018

Betting on 24 Numbers

Previously, betting on 24 numbers either used the Prudential Method (Chapter 4) or betting on two separate dozens. I've now adapted the program to show when 6 corner bets can be bet on.

Click Here For details.

New Betting on 'Even' chances.

The latest release of Roulette Key Gold now counts over 70 sets of 18 numbers Click here for details and video.

Roulette Key Gold
Roulette Key Gold is a program that will enable you to make informed bets on Roulette.
It is primarily a counter it counts all the statistics you need for most systems. If you need anything else let me know and I may be able to add your own indicators.
I've given up trying to beat the RNG casinos and use them only for practice because they are faster (However, some customers succesfully use them). Unlike other systems I do not rely on progressions but rather the reverse, in other words instead of doubling up when you lose you double up when you win! This is know as the Paroli System. You never stake more than 1 unit of your own money on any even chance!
Please bear in mind this program is primarily a counter, the systems I've included are classic methods, how you use them is up to you. I make no guarantees especially on RNG casinos. But if you can tell me of a system better than any I've included I'll pay you!

If you want to try other systems there are plenty of people who'll sell you them, some are even free! However, I'll give you the tools to use them and I will always tell it like it is.

How to use Roulette Key Gold

Roulette Key Gold will run in w10, W7 & XP. It consists of one file and can save a history file. It runs in a resizeable window the minimum actual size is shown below

It can be resized to access/display different functions. First open Roulette Key then open your favourite casino (preferably a 'live' one)

To use Roulette Key Gold select the alerts you'd like (see 'Systems' below) then click on each number as it appears.

Actual size

For full details please check the help page.

The Systems

Follow Bank

This system follows the even chances Hi/Low,Red/Black,Odd/Even
For this example I'll use Red/Black. Begin by clicking the Colours button in the yellow Follow Bank box. The buttons turn green when on and a 1 is displayed to the left when 1 & 0 when off. (if somehow it gets transposed try double clicking or right clicking)

fig 1

This system doubles up when you win it shows pink chips. The buttons turn green when on and a 1 is displayed to the left when 1 & 0 when off. In this case the Colour button is on the last number was black so a bet of 1 is shown on black. If the next number is black the stake is doubled to 2 and so on. If the stake gets to 64 the target for even numbers then the stake is reduced to 2 and 62 units profit are taken. Click on 31,10,8,4,2,6 your stake is now 32 if the next number is red you lose but don't forget you have only staked 1 so that's all you lose! If you win say with number 28 black you win 62 and stake 2. Your bank on colours is shown as in fig 2.

fig 2

Now click on red 23, your bank now reads 60 and a bet on Red is advised. Click black 10 your bank now reads 59 and a bet on Black is advised (fig 3)

fig 3

Pressing on the colours button again will remove the chip and freeze the bank at 60 (fig 4) Now let's see what other information is shown on the screen

Oppose Bank

This system opposes the even chances Hi/Low,Red/Black,Odd/Even
The following example is for colours I've clicked the oppose bank Red/Black button clicked on Red 25 and a blue chip is shown for black (fig 4). If the next hit is black the next bet will be on red and so on. Again it stops at the target you set

fig 4

The Infallible System

The Infallible system (The winning Rules, 1905, Sperienza, Harrison & Sons, London p.59) opposes and follows the bank simultaeneously. It's best played with several players indeed some online casinos forbid opposing bets. With the advent of live online casinos its possible for several players to form a team.

The Prudential System

In the "Winning Rules" (1905, Sperienza, Harrison & Sons, London p.26) one of the systems explained is the Prudential System)
In the Prudential system two units are place on high and one unit (a line bet) on numbers 7-12. This covers 24 of the 37 numbers, it therefore wins most of the time. A loss is 3 units a win is either 1 or 3 units. The stakes remain constant. The Prudential system is featured in the book "The Man whose Dreams Came True"(Julian Symons, 1968, House of Stratus, p.67,p.95) on which it is stated that although fairly reliable it is slow but steady.

After a profit of 10 units it switches off. Or switch it off after 100 spins.

The Sleeper System

Each single number should on average win once in each 37 spins. If a number has failed to win for 74 spins it is therefore not unlikely it will appear in the next 74. The odds remain 35-1 but would you offer them ? Of course not quite the opposite you'd take them ! One method of dealing with the sleeper as outlined in the book "How to win at Roulette"( Norman Squire, 1968, Pelham Books Ltd, p99) is to increase the stake after 30,46,57 64 spins etc. Personally I wouldn't bet on one sleeper but wait for at least two, and then I prefer to stick to level stakes. In fact one of my existing customers (for whom I've worked privately) waits for a sleep of around 180 spins (on RNG casinos).
In Roulette key I've set an alert for 74 spins but you can alter this at will.